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Unfinished is an opportunity for each of us who call Skyline home and Skyline as a family to take the next step in following Jesus Christ together.

The potential of what God can do is always UNFINISHED.

We dream of a place where people relate to one another the way that God relates to them - a place where we receive from God the hope, love, encouragement, and strength we are all looking for in a way that we can give it back to our community, starting with our families and going around the world.

20 years ago, this vision of God for Skyline was just a dream. Then people prayed, surrendered to God’s calling, invited others to join in, and grew in grace by faith in ways they never imagined possible. We often say, "It is too good to be true!” The renewing of our souls, reigniting marriages, experiencing the acceptance of God and dear friends in the midst of brokenness shouts, “It has been a great 20 years!” But what now? Is this all there is? What do we do for the next 20 years?

God has a beautiful vision for the future, and it includes all of us. Yes, we love what he has built as the foundation and the first floor, but I believe that God also has a clear vision for the future. It builds on the past while creating a place beyond our imagination. God is ready to start on the next floor, reproducing even more lives transformed by God’s grace. Now, He wants to start with us, our faith, and our intimacy with Him. Yes, it has been great, but we are UNFINISHED. Through UNFINISHED, we will likely take some of the biggest steps of faith we have ever taken.


By recognizing I am UNFINISHED and increasing my level of engagement, I know my life will be changed and my faith will grow. I am looking forward to every person in our church asking what it means to put God first - first in our lives and first in our priorities. This will be a season of transformation for all of us, as a church and as individuals. I invite you to engage deeply with everything you’ve got.


Pastor Chris

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100% Engagement

Unfinished Surrender

What must we let go of and grab unto for Jesus to be first in our lives?

Unfinished Faith

What steps do we need to take that will make us very uncomfortable, but will clearly be a step toward Jesus and the path He is calling us to live?

Unfinished Generosity

What new level of generosity will convince us that we are investing in eternity, not earthly treasure?

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Equip our people


Eliminate our debt


Elevating our campus


Exercising our body

800 hours of weekly ministry


We invite you to meet Jesus where He always engages you - in His love and grace, inviting you to respond by faith. Can you imagine what would happen if every single person at Skyline chose to participate and to grow in generosity, becoming more like Christ?

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6

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